Saturday, December 20, 2008


Kat — who happens to be the little sister of the “A” in “D.A.C.K.” — now runs a blog for Blinkx, a website that allows people to search for TV online. It’s neat. The other day, Kat pointed out AnnaLynn McCord, an actress on the new Beverly Hills, 90210 — which, logic be damned, I still say should be called Beverly Hills, 90211, thank you very much Saved by the Bellused to model bridal wear.

See? Look at her, all like in her fancy princess wedding jewelry.

Kat astutely pointed out, however, that this particular photo makes her look just a little bit like another once-stunning beauty: Laura Palmer.

Let’s hope AnnaLynn meets a better end.


  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    You have to wonder why AnnaLynn McCord's parents decided to spell their daughter's name without a space. Was it to accentuate the fact that she almost has the word "anal" inside her name? Because that's a pretty effed-up reason to do it. Rebel against something if you must, even if that something is spaces contained within proper names. But don't rebel against the practice of refraining from associating your children with anuses.

  2. Well put. And if they really wanted her name to be smashed together, why capitalize the L?

    Of course, her parents could have actually been quite sensible people and this name-mangling could easily be the doing of AnnaLynn herself. She is an actress, after all.

  3. According to the post office website, 90211 IS a Beverly Hills zip code, so there's no reason they couldn't use it. My idea that someone should write "Fahrenheit 452," however, makes less sense.

  4. Fellini could have made 9 1/2? or would that be 8 3/4? Just 9?