Friday, November 07, 2008

Your Irish Skin Looks Mexican

Remade, but apparently not for the better.

On Wednesday, TCM played the 1940 Vivien Leigh film Waterloo Bridge, which, it turns out, was good and far darker than I expected. It’s also apparently a remake of a 1931 film of the same name. (People apparently couldn’t get enough of war-torn love stories in which pretty ladies are forced into prostitution and despair. Like I said, dark, and possibly a progressive statement on that lack of agency women suffered at the time.)

The poster, which at least hints that the film might be worth watching:

Apparently not satisfied yet with the telling of the story, a third remake was released: 1956’s Gaby, which tacked on a “completely new ending,” according to Wikipedia. (Probably less suicide.) I’m guessing the film isn’t actually worth watching, however, and I’m basing that guess solely on this:

I mean, I’m not a movie producer, but I think if I were commissioning someone to design promotional artwork for a movie I wanted people to see, I think I wouldn’t contract that job out to an 14-year-old Estonian mental patient with no sense of spatial alignment, a penchant for splatter paint, and, apparently, the inability to correctly mix earth tones.


  1. Not to mention the fact that it totally looks like a kiss from a creepy uncle.

  2. Oh, totally. And now that I look at it, what the hell is going on over the guy's shoulder?

  3. HAHAHA...I didn't nothice that either. Does this movie take place in the woods behind a truck stop, Mayhaps?