Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Don't Want the World — I Just Want Your Half

I noticed recently that a photo I took and posted on this blog years ago appears on someone else’s blog.

pepper tree

Which is fine, really. I’m just always curious to know why anybody would have an interest in something I did. This stranger’s blog, which is in Arabic, just doesn’t lend comprehension. Google offers me this half-English, half-Arabic mongrel of a translation:
Ttjoz pepper tree fig tree
ميل غصن من الشجرة دي على الشجرة دي Mail from the tree branch on the tree de de
و اتفاهموا في كل التفاصيل And in all the details Atvahmua
ليلة الدخلة Dakhla night
شجر الجوز و الجميز و الفزدق الاخضر و الموز And Sycamore tree nuts and bananas and green Aelovesdq
بيزفوهم طول الليل .... Bezvohm all night .... طول الليل Overnight
غارت منهم شجرة فل .. Phil tree sinking them .. لونها ازرّق في غمضة عين Color blue in the blink of an eye
رقصت م الغل على التل .. M. danced yield on the hill .. و قطعت للعروسين غصنين And the newlyweds made Gsnin
و كل ما ترقص فرع بينقص .. And all the dancing section Benqs .. و جدورها اتقطمت نصين Atqtmt texts and Jdorha
في الصباحية الشمس بتفرد ناموسية Uniquely in the nets morning sun
و بتدعيلهم بالذرية و بترقيهم م الحاسدين And Ptdeilhm Baldhirip and M Alhasudain Petrekayam
شجرة فلفل .. Pepper tree .. تتجوز من شجرة توت Ttjoz fig tree
Anyone fluent in Arabic want to take stab at what’s going on here? Aside from several different trees?


  1. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I'm not fluent in Arabic, but... if I search for the first line, I get this
    It links to a song, and the words of the song are the same as the words in this text, I'm pretty sure.

  2. Wow.

    Thanks, man. Once again, you're proved yourself a good.. word... guy.

    Clearly, one much better than I am.