Friday, November 07, 2008

He’s No Angel, Either

Fred Armisen wants me to cheat. He said so. Really. I mean, it can’t be wrong if a nice guy like Fred Armisen said so, right?

I speak, of course, of Fred Armisen’s directions for finding clips of Saturday Night Live that don’t end up on Hulu. In his newest behind-the-scenes blog entry, he offers this: “I've heard that the reason some videos don't get posted is because of music clearing issues. It's apparently a big deal getting the rights to some songs for reruns and online content. My suggestion is to just search online. If you look hard enough you can find uploads of various sketches.” Which, in all, makes for a handy if slightly illegal method of catching up on SNL

It’s of interest to me especially because I’ve been trying to find a sketch that aired during the Josh Brolin-hosted episode: the one with an enormously pregnant Amy Poehler dancing at a Western bar to Gregg Allman’s “I’m No Angel.” Following Fred’s directions, I found it available for download here and so too can any of you who found the sketch strangely appealing if not outright hilarious. If nothing else, it will make for a strange memento for Poehler’s kid, who popped out shortly after the episode aired. “Look, it’s my mom pretending to be a bar skank when I was practically crawling out of her.” That’s what little Archibald Arnett will say when he’s old enough to appreciate the humor of this, which, given his stock, will probably be fairly soon. (Yes, Amy Poehler named her son “Archibald.”)

Another Armisen gift, via the blog post: this photo of Amy Poehler and Casey Wilson dolled up to look just a little like Tegan and Sara.

Speaking of SNL and Hulu, last night’s 30 Rock was phenomenal, because of and in spite of Oprah’s guest appearance. I encourage you to watch it.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Awesome! Thank you for putting this up. I have been looking fort the clip. And thank Fred to!

  2. Anonymous7:08 PM

    well Fred is a pro at cheating, so...

  3. What do you mean "Fred is a pro at cheating"?