Monday, November 24, 2008

Esmeralda Fitzmonster

I wonder if people arrive at my blog in any more thankful a manner in the days before Thanksgiving than they do during the rest of the year.

No, it turns out.
  1. As in "Nick nack paddy whack — Give the dog a clone"?
  2. "Brightening"? "Illuminating"? "Having the lights turned on"?
  3. May the debate continue.
  4. Number one hit!
  5. Non-glossy news periodical? Cincinnati Jewish News Daily?
  6. One of only two hits!
  7. Number one hit!
  8. I probably had something here, but I forgot to post it. Now I cannot recall what I meant to write. Something about Demolition Man, possibly? In fact, this footnote only exists because George pointed out that made an attempt to make one but had neglected to write anything here below. Happy, George?


  1. There is a hidden haiku among your search string gems. Sticking to 5-7-5 structure:

    cloning headlines pun
    jane seymour open hearts boobs
    Ogopogo Lives!

  2. Regina, that is the best thing anyone has told me in a long time.

    Also, that is a perfectly serviceable haiku.

    Thanks you.

  3. I also appreciate the mystery of calling for an 8th footnote, but then there's no note to foot, as it were.

    Perhaps it was murder, death, killed?

  4. Fixed! ... as much as I could fix it.

    Stupid faulty mermory.

  5. I give thanks for the 8th footnote.