Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Beautiful, Yellow Mine

I’m a bit late in posting a song of the week, so I’ll cheat and make this week’s song an instrumental. Ha!

In honor of the fact that tonight’s installment of The Simpson’s annual Treehouse of Horror parodies the phenomenal opening to Mad Men, I’m writing about the Mad Men theme, RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine.”

First, here’s what The Simpsons did.

Given that more than a few Mad Men plotlines have centered around Don Draper’s repeated infidelities, it’s nice to see would-be Simpsons homewrecker Lurleeen Lumpkin in there. (What Ruth Powers and Agnes Skinner are doing there is anybody’s guess.)

The Mad Men credits (non-spoof version) are notable in their own right — and more than a few friends have mentioned that they will readily watch them every time they watch the show when they skip through the credits of most other shows they watch.

Here they are again, with a less rotund silhouette tumbling through a metropolis of vintage advertising.

The full RJD2 song suits the show perfect — dark and suitably reminiscent of an earlier era. It’s hard now to dissever the song from the show itself and Don’s philandering and plain old Peggy Olson, but give it a play yourself, listen past the point that you’d hear on Mad Men. See where it takes you.

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