Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ol' Brown Ears

A good counterargument to anybody charging that The Muppets have sold out: Rowlf, the piano-playing dog and one of my favorites of the group, was originally created for Purina Dog Chow commercials before becoming a recurring star on The Jimmy Dean Show and then a regular on The Muppet Show, according to that New York Times article from a few weeks ago.

There is a embedding-disabled-by-request video of vintage Rowlf here.

If you happen to be click-phobic, then just watch this lamer but readily-embeddable clip of Rowlf and Victor Borge playing Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.


  1. I loved Rowlf as a kid. He was front and center on my Muppet Lunch box in the 4th grade. (God I wish I still had that lunch box - so vintage!)

  2. Yeah, he was always my favorite. Which is probably why it doesn't bother me in the least that he was invented to sell dog food.

    I wonder if this means that Gonzo was initially conceived whatchamacallit food.