Thursday, October 09, 2008

Martha Splatterhand

Do not mock people for finding my blog in such humorous ways. Celebrate them, friends.
  1. Number one hit!
  2. If only. Charlotte Braun met a rather unfortunate end long before she could have hoped to enter the world of politics.
  3. Number one hit!
  4. For acoustic bedtime for carnivorous plants, I suppose.
  5. I think it's "Mater Suspiriorum."
  6. Any kind of biology is remarkable when the scientist in question is blind.
  7. Still worth the few minutes it takes to watch.
  8. More boring than you might expect.
  9. Like, The Wizard?
  10. It translates from the Spanish as "nice name for a middle class housing development."
  11. Number one hit!
  12. Number one hit!


  1. How/where in the world do you find out all this information? Are you some kinda crazy cyber stalker? Maybe you aren't the REAL Drew, but some crazed fan who tracked him down, kidnapped him and now writing under his guise whilst stalking his readers as well.

    Seriously though, I'm curious and eager about how to properly utilize the Blogspot tools and such, if any.

  2. It's not through Blogspot. It's through a free service called I also use Google Analytics, but less often for these search result posts. Both require minimal technical twiddling and the results are possibly more entertaining than blogging itself.

    At least for me, anyway.