Monday, October 20, 2008

Lady Chat

Oh, to be Girl Talk — the musician also known as Gregg Gillis whose latest album, available online for the mere price of whatever-you-feel-like-paying, earned him stellar reviews and endeared him to dance music fans that never thought that anyone could capably mash up the likes of Roy Orbison, Rage Against the Machine and Sinead O’Connor against Ludacris, Lil Wayne and Kelis. Truly, it’s a good time to be the guy behind Girl Talk.

Unless you’re the guy behind the other Girl Talk, the kind whose album It Feels Like This is available on iTunes for $9.90. No mashups here from this Norwegian band — just smooth-flowing instrumental jazz the likes of which you may have heard after having been put on hold or, perhaps, shortly before you attempted you kill yourself. Yes, it’s that kind of music — readily hateable and surely a nasty surprise for people who thought they were paying for Greg Gillis’s work.

So if you found yourself in the sucks-beyond-sucking position of not only lacking the good Girl Talk but also wasting your money on the bad Girl Talk, how might you react?

You could state the obvious.

You could say something that demonstrates your total lack of understanding of the good Girl Talk and how the new album is being marketed.

You could blame iTunes.

You could blame the bad Girl Talk.

You could attempt to defend this unfortunate band for committing the sin of having had a name before a later artist became more successful with that name.

Or you could just try to spread the misery around.

And if you’d like to further research the other Girl Talk, read all about it on the surprisingly specifically named website This Is Music From Norway. In the meantime, I’ll attempt to gain valuable perspective on this matter by tracking down the equally unfortunate Delaware-based barbershop quartet, The Smashing Pumpkins.

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