Monday, October 06, 2008

I Saw a Boat, and I Liked It

In case you didn’t watch this weekend’s Saturday Night Live — and you should have, because it’s been especially good lately and because everything, everything has never deserved mocking more than now — I have taken it upon myself to give you a second chance. Here are three of the best.

Anne Hathaway can do a decent Mary Poppins, it turns out.

And here’s Hathaway and all of SNL’s current female cast members doing a less-than-timely but nonetheless amazing Lawrence Welk Show parody. Kristen Wiig does a good job filling the void left by Rachel Dratch.

And here’s the best: Casey Wilson mocking Santa Barbara-bred pop tart Katy Perry. Perhaps because of licensing fees, the sketch doesn’t appear on Hulu. Watch this YouTube clip of it while you can, for it will doubtlessly be yanked soon.

Here’s to improving your Monday with less-than-live sketch comedy — especially the kind that involves singing ladies.


  1. I can't stop watching Kristen Wiig's wee little hands. Amazing.

  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    "Kristen Wiig does a good job filling the void left by Rachel Dratch."

    And that void would be the ugly lady void?

  3. lol, I saw this clip at,

    but not the Mary Poppins one, which was quite entertaining.

    And Rachel Dratch wasn't ugly. =(

    Always a pleasure to read your stuff. You keep me up to date on stuff that shouldn't really matter, but is nice to be in the know about anyway.

  4. Rachel Dratch wasn't ugly, but she often played roles that had her twisting her face into less-than-flattering configurations.

    I miss Rachel Dratch. I want her back on 30 Rock.

  5. Yeah, it's not her fault she was good at doing obnoxious and less than flattering characters!! (ie- that annoying Boston chick)