Sunday, September 07, 2008

The One I Choose Is Music

The song of the week comes to us from the great nation of Brazil, a nation where singers named Lovefoxx can sing a neat song about how music is lots of things. (In order, straight from Lovefoxx’s mouth, music is simultaneously her boyfriend, her girlfriend, her dead end, her imaginary friend, her brother, her great-grand-daughter, her sister, her favorite mistress, her beach house, her hometown, her king size bed, where she meet her friends, her hot hot bath, her hot hot sex, her back rub, and, finally, where she’d like you to touch.) That last one, about the touching, helped make the song “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex” famous, as it prompted Apple to use it in a commercial for the iPod Touch.

But don’t hold that against it.

Despite the ubiquity that follows being featured in an iPod commercial, the song is actually quite good, bested in the Cansei De Ser Sexy catalogue perhaps only by the more danceable “Let’s Make Love (And Listen to Death From Above).” And I feel it’s been long enough since it was being pumped into our ears every forty minutes that I can suggest you listen to it now.

For this song-of-the-week post, however, I’m not just recommending the song. I’m also trying to solve an unanswered question that’s been bothering me from some time now. Back at the beginning of July, I posted a list of the odd ways people find the blog when they choose to enter search terms in the form of questions. One of these, "what are they saying in portuguese in music is my hot hot sex?", lingered because I was actually a little curious to find out what CSS’s words meant in English. I mean, the song as a whole is a little nonsensical anyway. (“Yeah, Lovefoxx, when you said you were inviting me to your beach house, I assumed it was a physical beach house and not just music, expressed metaphorically as if it were a location. Now I’m going to take my bathing suit and go home.”) Nonetheless, it occurred to me that Cynthia, the nice Brazilian lady who works in my office, actually speaks Portuguese and could feasibly translate it for me. So she did. And here it is.
Clearly that, yes
I was a girl scout
Direct from school,
Did not go to smell glue
Nor basketball, foosball
What I like is not for free
What I like is not fake
There is guitar, drums, sound from the computer
Some says that the sound is louder than a hurricane
Close to him I could sit down
I left its eye and I arrived in me
Seated of its side
I wanted to lean
I would make the earthen bowl until the sun to come in sight
Underneath of the sheet
He moaned in flat reverse speed
I was tense
But it was all good (all good)
He is everything but I know that I am too.
Keep in mind that Cynthia gave me the translated lyrics with the note that she had tried her best to make sense in English of something that didn’t necessarily make sense in Portuguese. Compare Cynthia’s translation that which I got from the Google translation service:
For sure,
I was a good scout girl.
Straight from school, no,
I wouldn’t gonna sniff glue,
Neither do basketball, nor "pebolim."
What I like is not for free,
What i don't like is farse.
Got guitar, drum, computer with sounds.
Some say louder than a hurricane.
Near him I could feel.
It comes out of his eye to reach me.
Sitted by his side,
I wanted to touch.
I would do him till the sunrise.
Under the covers,
He would moan in E tune.
I got tense,
But it was okay,
He is rad, but I know I am too.
So that’s that. When I looked online earlier, I could readily find a translation, so hopefully now is subsequent people search for such info — say, maybe by searching something along the lines of “css translated to english” or “music is my hot hot sex portuguese translated to english” or something, hint hint, Google — they’ll arrive her.

And, in song-of-the-week fashion, here’s the video.

So, on that note, answer me this: Is music your beach house?

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