Monday, September 29, 2008

Levitate Me

A note to readers: Yes, the country is in a sad state now. I’m expecting the government to tell me any moment now that money doesn’t exist anymore and there’s a terrifying chance that the logical choice to be the next American president won’t get elected and in his place will be a very old man who doesn’t know how to use the internet and whose his second-in-command would lead the country like a babysitter would a daycare full of five-year-olds. (“Because I said so” as presidential policy. Expect it.) Sometimes, I wonder if people who read this blog note that I don’t really talk about anything of consequence, unless it’s something-of-consequence couched in terms of something-not-of-consequence. (Comparing Sarah Palin to a robot mermaid would be a good example of this, I suppose.) But please understand: My job, generally, forces me to care about serious things. Some of them I’d care about on my own, some of them I only care about after I force myself to learn about them. I read news, frequently and often, and, when I decide to take time to write here, I’m more inclined to unload my mind and enjoy the verbal equivalent of a milkshake instead of a wheatgrass shot. I am worried about the United States and my place in it. But I’ll in general be expressing that emotion elsewhere. I care, but I also intend to keep this the type of sugary and frothy that I need from time to time.


  1. A sugary and frothy Rusty Kuntz?

    Hey, did you ever write about the person credited as the drummer on this ep?

  2. Don't even get me STARTED on government, politics, insurance companies, the country in general or ESPECIALLY McCain and Palin. I already hashed out a big bucket of crazy about it the other day and I'm starting to sound paranoid. And really nasty and pessimistic.

    I really don't know what we're going to do. Countrywise. I don't know how we all let the past eight years go so badly.

  3. kudos on separating it out- great to care, but even better to be able to care and also carry on living. props.

  4. Yeah, see, I haven't been really worried because EVERYONE I know is voting for the logical choice... but now I'm starting to see a TON of people with McCain/Palin stickers and yard signs and I'm starting to get worried.

    I don't want to have to explain to my kids that the reason we don't have polar bears or basic human rights is because some people got tricking into voting for the biggest boobs (oh and I totally mean that both ways).