Monday, September 08, 2008

"Dickie" for Short?

In my sporadically updated series "Ha Ha — This Person's Name," I try to avoid mocking those whose names strike me as funny only because they come from a different country. It's a cheap laugh if someone only sounds strange by virtue of coming from a culture with a different take on naming.

I made an exception for Dickson Poon. Ouch.

I'd say I should be more careful about who I mock, but this guy was only formerly married to Michelle Yeoh, so I'm fairly certain she won't come to my house and beat me up.

Also, something that was a more interesting read than I would have thought: Wikipedia's list of monoymous persons.


  1. The best part is going over to this guy's house and asking him to make that orange drink that the astronauts used to have.

    Yep, then you get to enjoy Dickson Poon Tang.

  2. If Ian Fleming had been gay, I think Dickson Poon would have made an ideal a Bond Guy.

  3. George: Way to take it to the next level.

    Denis: Seems like there would have had to have been at least one Bond Guy by now, doesn't it?

  4. Worst name ever: Dick Trickle. Though, that's really his fault for not going by some other derivitave of "Richard."

    Also, does "?" count a a mononym, Or does that guy have a category all to himself?

  5. Joey: As in ? and the Mysterians? Don't know. But I feel like he wouldn't have ever gone by "?" as a name in social situations, mostly because that would be stupid. I chose to interpret that this guy was just the frontman of a band called ? and the Mysterians.

    Never really looked into them until today. Man, that guy ? is WEIRD.

  6. That's the one. And really, for a guy with a track record like his, using "?" as a name really isn't far-fetched. From what I can glean, he really did use it, and it's just pronounced "Question Mark." According to that page, he's never even confirmed his documented real name.

  7. Once I met a guy named Capers Brown. True story.

  8. Erin: Well, it's distinctive. I feel like if we name girls things like Daisy and Apple and the like, it's only fair to have a least one boy named Capers. Was he the heir to a capers fortune or something?

    And be happy in knowing that if he ever Googles himself, he may well find that you noted his name as being a little strange.