Friday, July 04, 2008

Still Inappropriate After All These Years

Happy birthday, America. In honor of this day, I'm presenting a special screening of a legendarily offensive Merrie Melodies short that I'd never seen until being shown it on YouTube a few days ago: "Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs."

Pretty bad, right? But also oddly good, in terms of music quality and artistic flair. (They're racist caricatures, but their interestingly designed ones.) Still, it's a little hard to watch — and even harder to hear Mel Blanc providing the voice of the dwarfs.

Your thoughts?


  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Still shocking to these days? Maybe. YouTube can be such a goldmine for banned cartoons. Thanks for sharing it, although I've seen it before.

  2. This is one of what cartoon aficionados refer to as the "censored 11".

    One of the unfortunate things about this is that there is a lot of classic jazz music that is being lost because the cartoons are offensive.