Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seriously Uncuil

According to supposed Google killer Cuil, my nearly six-year-old, nearly-3,000-post-long blog doesn't exist. That is neat. Is this because my blog and all Blogger blogs are affiliated with Google? Also, Fritinancy and Bradshaw of the Future have some interesting perspectives on the product's strange name.


  1. There was a story about Cuil, relatively favorable, in the Wired Campus email blast yesterday from the Chronicle of Higher Ed. So I went to try it out--and so, evidently, did everyone else who got the email. It kept freezing up, saying it was overloaded. Some kick-off.

    Plus when I did the usual vanity search trick, it mostly just listed all the university libraries that were kind enough to buy and catalog the book I co-wrote years ago. Not a very helpful search.

    You might say Cuil is not so huit.

  2. http://www.cuil.com/search?q=cuil

    They can't even find themselves!!