Friday, July 18, 2008

See No Batman, Hear No Batman

Wish I could report to you all on my verdict on The Dark Knight, but I can't. Though I think the movie was good, I made the mistake of catching a midnight show at the Arlington, which has dismal sound and which prevented me from understanding about twenty minutes of dialogue. Worse, I ended up sitting behind a man with a head shaped like Frank Black's. It actually could have been Frank Black, for all I know. No amount of leaning or craning ever allowed me to see much of the screen. As a result, there were a good dozen points throughout the film where I just had to guess what was going on or why it was happening. I suppose, then, that I should have just asked Frank Black for his autograph, as I couldn't follow the movie. The point in which Harvey Dent is revealed as Two-Face — and no, that's not a spoiler, and if you think that is, you know nothing of this mannish bat fellow — was even lost on me, because Frank Black was blocking the side of the screen that I think displayed the mangled half of Dent's face. Again, I'm only guessing. I feel like there were some stunned reactions around me that didn't happen when I first saw Two-Face in his full, partial glory.

So seeing as how the two senses that movies can appeal to — sight and hearing — were seriously impaired, I think I'll have to see The Dark Knight again. In a new theater. With stadium seating. Without any human candy apples sitting in front of me.


  1. Hahaha. That's sort of like when Principal Skinner's mom put cardboard over her half of the television. He rented "Man Without A Face" and he didn't even know the titular character had a problem.

  2. That's eerily like it, actually. I never know how to feel when the Simpsons comes true.