Monday, July 28, 2008

Langdon Alger

Search terms that led to this blog and, likely, put frowny faces on the people that entered them.
  1. A number one hit, though I now think it should be spelled "taardvark."
  2. This actually makes sense as a search term, if you imagine someone is searching for streaming video of the film The Shining. They probably were. But what did they get? Lyrics from Hair. Ha.
  3. Alas, hope is just as useless in grammar as it is in real life.
  4. Jan. Jan the Mermaid.
  5. If you need etymology to help you figure out the origin of the term "doggy style," then you understand nothing of sexuality, human or canine. You are terrible.
  6. If you had time to Google this, you're probably fine.
  7. If you want to know so badly, just convert already.

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