Friday, July 18, 2008


The 2008 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is well underway only a few miles to the south of where I live, but I must enjoy the news of upcoming video games through the magic of blogs. I’m fine with it. Fewer lines this way.

Easily the best news I’ve heard so far relates to a game that I will never play, as it seems to be a Playstation 3 exclusive and, therefore, beyond the reach of this Nintendo loyalist. But the premise alone merits a mention: Sixteen miniature soldiers play a violent version of Capture the Flag in an effort to evade sixteen miniature rival soldiers and reclaim a kidnapped princess. The princess, however, has been force-fed food to the point of being unable to walk on her own and, thus, must be carried or rolled to safety. The game, amazingly, is called Fat Princess.

Here is a video.

In a move that was surely intended to delight specifically me, the various battlefields have food-themed titles like “Black Forest,” but this overall cuteness belies the fact that the game also gleefully spills buckets of blood as the big-headed fighters slash and stab their way to their corpulent damsels. Case in point:

courtesy VE3D

What can I say? I like being catered to.

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