Tuesday, July 15, 2008

As If Africa Hasn't Been Through Enough

I think my old roommate Jill (of Jilly Jill fame) either lost a bet or became considerably less cool since she moved to the East Coast, away from my positive influence. Today she sent me the below video, which features her and some people I don't know lip syncing to Toto's "Africa." Rest assured that I've already told her that I feel embarrassed for both of us. That's my new favorite thing, by the way: informing people that I feel embarrassed for them and me. Always gets a good response.

Also: Who the hell names their band Toto? And did you realize it was "I bless the rains" and not "I miss the rains"?


  1. Wait WHAT? "i bless the rains" ???
    I've been living a lie.

  2. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Is that Sarah Hagan?

  3. As ridiculous as this video is, the actual music video is even crazier. Still, the song is great, and there are a number of really great a capella covers of it.