Thursday, June 26, 2008

¡Spanish Exclamation!

This is how I began my morning:

I've actually never played Sega's Samba de Amigo and do not know exactly how one plays the game, but, nonetheless, watching this trailer for the apparently upcoming new installment of the series made blood surge up through my neck and into a space behind my eyes, in a manner not unlike one that would result from riding a roller coaster or doing uppers. Not sure whether I'd consider this physical response good or bad.

[ Source: Like, everywhere in the gameblog world, including Joystiq, GayGamer and The Tanooki ]


  1. I think you mean <<¡Infeccioso!>>

    That word may not carry the same weight in Spanish as it does in English, it just occurred to me.

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM

    So... What kind of game is it?

  3. Anonymous5:30 AM

    It's not Spanish, it's Portuguese!!! (Brazilian)

  4. Ah, you're right. I failed to make the connection of samba being Brazilian.