Sunday, June 22, 2008


Should a term exist for words which, when being entered in a text message, require the same numbers to be entered? Surely, if you’ve texted before, you’ve experienced the embarrassment of sending a message with one word being accidentally substituted for its own number twin. With a few mere slips of the finger, “Call me ASAP, OK?” can be “Ball on bras, OK?” Awkward. Confusing. Potentially a source of ridicule. “Take care” can be “Take barf.” “Whose car are you using” becomes “Whore bar ape you Trini?”Like I said, confusing.

In the spirit of “aptronym” — the awesome coinage used to denote people whose names provide an accurate description of them, like a man named Baker who makes pastries for a living, or a the “popular” girl whose last name happens to be Mattressback — I feel a word should exist for these kinds of words, though something far less lame than “text twin” or “SMS sibling.” However, I feel like “numerotextogemini” won’t catch on.




Synonumer — literally “same number”?

Or, like, nothing? Because this is a ridiculous concept that doesn’t necessitate a name, since so few people will ever need to refer to it?

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  1. no, this DEFINITELY needs a name! Because I need to be able to say "curse you Doppletexters!!!" ever time I try to text AMY- Not ANY, not BOY not AMW (come on that's not even a word!!!!) not BOX, not BOW, not COW (that would be embarrassing), and then yes finally AMY.
    every fucking time.