Sunday, June 08, 2008

Death by Pancake

Oh, Google homepage, how your feeds of CNN's top stories never fail to grab my attention, especially when they link pancakes with death.

I mean, you'd click this, right? Especially if you just finished a day of air travel?

The full story, however, is quite sad and packaged under the considerably less breakfasty headline "Ohio plane crash kills 6."


  1. At itself, you can buy t-shirts with the funnier headlines printed on them. Next to the headlines, there's a little t-shirt icon to click on and everything.

    It's sort of comi-tragic, that news is reducing itself to this sort of thing.

  2. Seriously? That is pathetic. Though I suppose there is an art to a sensational, grabby headline, I don't want to wear them on my chest.

    Nor do I want to wear those asinine "Anderson Cooper, you're not my boo" t-shirt.