Sunday, May 18, 2008

When Dolphins Ruled the Earth

Worthwhile clicks, as per my my quasi-not-really-bloggish Google Reader shared items page.
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  1. Come on, anyone else think this would be about literal killer dolphins from the sidebar? It happened in The Simpsons and Wario Master of Disguise, so it seems to be a common idea to have them want to take back land.

  2. Yeah, I know I'm misleading with my post titles sometimes. I can no longer remember where this one came from, but for posts like this that have no unifying theme --- or for which I can't think of anything pithy to title it --- I usually just slap on some chunk of verbage I read or heard somewhere. In the end, it usually give my blog a few more Google hits than I would have gotten had I just titled it something like "Link Dump May 18 2008."

  3. Also, there were militant dolphins in Wario: Master of Disguise?