Monday, May 12, 2008

Not Extra Fancy, Neither

SuperDeluxe apparently wasn't.

Despite my best efforts to plug the hell out of the Maria Bamford Show here on this blog, a lack of customers at the comedy video website has ultimately brought about its death, according to a post today PopSmart. Where does this leave the remainder of the Maria Bamford Show episodes, which have been appearing every Sunday on Back of the Cereal Box? Apparently all SuperDeluxe content will eventually be available at the Adult Swim website. Will this render weeks of Bamford-centric posts nonfunctional? I hope not.

Rest in peace, SuperDeluxe. You'll always be the little alterna-comedy video website that could — but didn't.

Watch these while you can, for tomorrow the videos may no longer be available.
Does this mean I have to like Funny or Die now?

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