Monday, May 26, 2008

Maps All Cured of Pain and Doubts

As a result of a court order, longtime Back of the Cereal Box reader Daniel now lives in South Korea, where, I've learned, the bars never close and the children find him to be unusually hairy. (Note to Daniel: American children were also put off by your hairiness.) Daniel is keeping a blog about his adventures in Busan through a website I was previously unfamiliar: TravBuddy, which specifically aims to help travelers notify the curious of the current state of their lives without having to resort to mass emails. A major downer: You need a TravBuddy account to comment.

I have so far been most amused by a photo of a milk deliverywoman that Daniel posted.

In its thumbnail form, I thought it depicted a man peeing into a basket. Which Koreans could do all the time, for all I know.

For more on Korean urination habits, read South Korea — Not Just for Soldiers Anymore.

Daniel, if you read this, know that I'm very, very disappointed in you for having moved from Hawaii before you found work as an extra on Lost.

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