Monday, May 12, 2008

Lalavava Astronomonov

Update: They continue to find my blog through strange and amusing ways. I will now illustrate this claim with examples. And a few responses:
  1. Charo, though her full name is quite a bit longer.
  2. God, I hope you're trying to find the little post I made a while back on the connection between The Rape of the Lock and the one mermaid episode of Futurama and are not actually looking for mermaid rape.
  3. Easy: Open up a store everywhere you can, then pay high school students to make shitty coffee.
  5. You'd have to ask Dane.
  6. Close, but not quite.
  7. That depends on what kind of lollipop the platypus likes.
  8. Well, to be correct, you'd say "Lao whores" or "Laotian whores," sir.
  9. I'd hope it was something along the lines of "quaaaaaaaaagaaaaaaaa," but who's to say?
  10. You got one sick family, pal.
  11. Was powered by tap dancing.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Hi. I have recently found your blog and though I enjoy your content, I’m curious as to how you go about titling your posts, as the vast majority of them give no hint as to what the post actually concerns. Do you think you’re driving away potential readers by being deliberately vague?

    Also, why is it that you write so often about women when you are a man?