Saturday, May 03, 2008

Electric Landlady

A nifty trick: Make new photos look old-timey. For example, there's the below image, an old-timified version of a particularly noteworthy snapshot Aly took at Coachella.

Note that the change involves a bit more than might a simple desaturation and contrast adjustment. Also, E-tard Barbie looks just as stupid in monochrome as she does in full, glorious color, though the above version allows for the slight possibility that this photo might have come from that famous 1910 anthropological expedition to the island of people who dress like assholes.

The source of this photographic magic found at the Japanese website Wanokoto, which is navigable for the non-Japanese-speaking.

[ Source: Red Ferret Journal, via Lifehacker ]


  1. LOVE the Kirsty MacColl reference!

  2. Thanks. It's more arbitrary than anything else, but after finding that such an album title exists, I had to use it somewhere.