Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bean the Dynamite

Ripped from today's headlines: Ways people have been finding my blog.
  1. Paula Cole's abominable lyrics "Open up the morning light / And say a little prayer for I" jump to mind. Funny note about that song: If you hum or whistle it and flatten out the difference between the notes a bit, its beginning sounds remarkably like that of "I've Got a Car That's Made of Tin."
  2. See? She's famous. Just like I said.
  3. That would be Zelda Rubenstein, the third coolest person I know of with that first name and the actress best remembered from her role as the "This house is cleansed" psychic from Poltergeist.
  4. Like bathroom and half horse?
  5. "Canklesaurus," "Stoat Face" and one more that I'm not comfortable saying.
  6. Seriously, if you need clip art to find pictures of genitalia online, then you're a failure at using the internet.
  7. For the love of God, I hope that's a typo.
  8. The truth is that Giygas, whatever it is, was most likely the mysterious bikini-clad woman in Threed. That's my personal opinion.

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