Monday, April 21, 2008

Lauren, Deny Custard!

Lauren — L.A. Woman-turned-Brooklyn Woman, and with all the dangly jewelry to match that change — sent me a image intended to remind me of why I should visit her new stomping grounds.

Really, I owe it to myself to visit anyone's neck of the woods who might feature such a storefront. Of course, this is actually just the New York version of 826 Valencia, the pirate supply store in San Francisco that doubles as writing tutor center for kids. Thank Dave Eggers.

As if I needed additional incentive, Lauren also included the following sentence: "Your blog about subjunctives was read out loud at a dinner party at my house last week. Ha." Shit, my blog is being read at dinner parties — and the nerdiest of grammar-related posts at that — then I really have no excuse for not visiting. Well that and the fact that I now have more friends there than I do in Santa Barbara.

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