Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Caught Bloggerrhea

Just in case anybody was wondering, I am not actually interested in seeing "bit tits movies and pictures" and I will not "CLICK HERE." (Though if I did, I'd find the website, the name of which has been pointed out as being suspiciously close to "goo babies," which is a favorite term of mine.) It would seem that I caught this blog comment social disease — which has overcome the spam-fighting antibody that is the Blogger word verification system and splooged spam all over a handful of recent posts — from a certain sexy lady blogger over at A Date in the Life, as she got these comments immediately before I did.

Did any of you catch this? Does it burn when you type?


  1. Anonymous10:21 PM

    a. goo babies may be a favorite term of yours but the goo babies, they are not yours.

    b. not entirely sure why i'm fighting for credit on coining the term 'goo babies.' it's probably not in my best interest.

    c. take an eye for an eye
    and a life for a life
    and somebody must die
    for the death of my wife

  2. Well, there's owning your goo babies, and then there's OWNING your goo babies. I feel like you're the former and the latter, lady.

  3. Anonymous12:28 AM

    weirdly appropriate followup:

    hilly (incredulously): did you know that babies can only see like a foot in front of their faces!?

    me: well that makes sense, since their eyes were so recently covered in goo.

    hilly: vagina goo?

    me: uterus goo.

    hilly: utegoo!

    me: [LOL]

  4. You the goo. You the goo.