Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spencer Meets Knockers

Philosophical deconstruction of the knock-knock joke? Or me irritating Spencer by pretending I don't know how knock-knock jokes work? YOU DECIDE.
me: knock knock

Spencer: who it be?

me: knockers

Spencer: knockers...who...?

me: hi. it's me, knockers

Spencer: oh. hi knockers

me: can i borrow your belt sander? i need to do some belt sandin' for mrs. knockers

Spencer: um. sure. here it is

me: what?! you're crazy man. you can't give me a belt sander over google chat

Spencer: oh. um. right. okay. well. i can...drop it off. with mrs. knockers

me: could you? and sorry i threw up on you. just now

Spencer: um. yeah it's okay

me: why are you dressed like that?

Spencer: that’s a...good...question, knockers.

me: did you know i'd be dressed exactly the same? have you been spying on me?

Spencer: maybe, knockers.

me: what's that?

Spencer: that’s my new kitten

me: why is it shaped like a glass coffee table?

Spencer: new trendy kitten

me: you wouldn't be trying to put one over on old knockers, would you?

Spencer: aw, knockers. you know I would never do that

me: what about that time you stole all that money from me because you tricked me into giving you my credit card numbers and social security card?

Spencer: well, that was identity theft, that wasn't a joke

me: OH MY GOD. is that a KNIFE?!

Spencer: no, knockers. that's the kitten again

me: oh, i see now

Spencer: yes.

me: could you stop punching me in the teeth?

Spencer: that's the wind

me: if you say so. well, knockers is gonna go get to gettin' to, by which i mean writing my novel

Spencer: you have fun now. knockers.

me: and don't send over the belt sander. the truth is that i never needed one. i just wanted a reason to say hello

Spencer: and you’re welcome to come over and say hello anytime, knockers

[ then there was a lull ]

me: knock knock

[ Spencer did not respond ]

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  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Awesome. I officially forgive you for being a bastard and coming to visit when I'm not around.

    Every time I glance back at the post I start giggling. Brava.