Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mr. Descriptive Word

Mr. Men updated for 2008:

I can't remember now if this riff on the beloved children's book series over at this blog — which, by the way, also includes Mr. Anal Retentive, Mr. Freaking Out, Mr. Homeless, Mr. Happy Drunk and Mr. Crystal Meth — was what sent me on a small research mission looking into these characters, which I first became acquainted with through their inclusion in Arby's Meals when I was a kid. (For the Arby's-phobic, Arby's Meals are the equivalent of McDonald's Happy Meals, a fact that negates most people's presumption that the Arby's equivalent of anything is that thing with barf on it.) It could have also been this news article detailing alleged anger-by-French at the introduction of Mr. Rude onto the apparently current British children's cartoon based of the original Roger Hargreaves books. Mr. Rude, of course, spoke with a French accent, despite that none of his fellow Mr. Men speak with anything other than a British accent. (Had there been a Mr. Boorish, I suppose he would speak like an American.) I ended up on the Wikipedia page for the Mr. Men books and their sister series, the Little Miss books and was blown away by how many there were.

Some of the more notable Mr. Men and Little Misses:
And the only book I can remember having is Mr. Rush, who I liked, because he was purple.

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