Friday, February 29, 2008

Bess, You Is My Daughter Now

The best of February 2008, according to Back of the Cereal Box — and the last time I'll be able to do a end-of-the-month round-up on February 29 for four years.
Happy Leap Day!

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  1. I was talking to some of my black co-workers earlier this week about "Juno" and the other Oscar movies. One of them noticed the use of Morgan Freeman as a bone collector rather than Denzel Washington that you made a point about some months back. In her words, that line momentarily took her out of the movie since it made absolutely no sense. She felt that somebody on the crew didn't do their fact-checking duties rather than the possible offhand racism you mentioned. Of course, it still means somebody out there is confusing their black actors. Happy Black History Month!