Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beany Thorn

Another post detailing amusing ways people have been finding my blog, this one introducing a new feature in which I gives answers to search terms phrased in the form of questions. (It does amuse me when people type questions into Google, and I always imagine the person doing this is some old lady unfamiliar with the process of searching online and therefore prone to ending the search result in "please." Google search: "How many square meters in a hectare, please?")
And the answers:
  1. Your mom. No, really. The answer is your mom.
  2. Me, apparently. And a man with one eye. And lots of people who lack the good sense to sit toward the back.
  3. Not Anton Chigurh, actually, but a Mexican gangster whom we don't see.
  4. A scandal involving indecent photos.

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