Sunday, January 13, 2008


The first thought in my head this morning, for whatever reason, was how I feel annoyed when a person reads a URL to me and includes the "double-u, double-u, double-u." If somebody does that, I assume they lack the small bit of technical proficiency needed to realize that you don't need to say "double-u, double-u, double-u." (In fact, most websites don't need it. This blog's URL never did, although you can technically include it if you want to.) Also, that phrase takes longer to say than it should, so anyone speaking it is also wasting a valuable two seconds of my life. On that note, I wondered if speaking the phrase could be contracted. I remember when my grandpa used to spell words out loud, he'd always note when letters were doubled. (For example, "Mississippi" would be em, aye, double-ess, aye, double-ess, aye, double-pee, aye.) I've always considered this as an old person's way of spelling out loud as a result, but I feel like it has a certain charm. (I suppose spelling "vacuum" out loud could be problematic, however.) Anyway, I tried to see if noting the "double-u, double-u, double-u" could work more fluidly in the grandpa style. I pronounced it in my head. It sounded wrong. Only when I actually spoke it out loud did I realize why: "triple-double-u," which would technically mean six instances of the letter "u." Which wouldn't get you anywhere.

Could we just call it "three-dub" and be done with it?

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