Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Misty Peppers

Notably peculiar ways people have been finding my blog. I should mention here, I suppose, that me posting these search result round-ups created a problem in that Blogger so quickly gets newly posted content onto Google that anyone checking to see how a given search term got to my blog would likely only be able to see the search term post. For example, if this post "Misty Peppers" noted that people were finding my blog by searching for "gooey dinosaur cartoon re-runs," then Googling that specific search term would most likely result in the same "Misty Peppers" post showing up closer to the top of the stack than whatever previous content was getting hits for "gooey dinosaur cartoon reruns."

Nonetheless, here's the list:
I don't know if anybody else enjoys these, but I do, if only to show what crude and awful ways people use the internet.

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  1. Regarding Shiek:

    Expected, but still good to hear. Did you see how Zelda went brunette? And I always thought Samus would be a redhead - I don't think I'm ever going to get over that disappointment.

    I'm anticipating Olimar currently. Both Pikmins are underrated, and I'm curious about his gameplay.