Sunday, January 06, 2008

Me Llamo Taylor Anthony

I’ve been asked to review One Missed Call for Aly’s section this week. The only thing preventing me from actually writing the requested 250 words is the fact that movie was so god awful that it defies words — and not necessarily bad in the fun-to-rip-apart sense, but bad in the boring sense, which is an especially heinous foul for a horror film. But I’ll save that for the review itself.

For this post, I’m just going to note the strangeness in the film’s casting of Mexican actress Ana Claudia Talancón in the role of the main girl’s friend. I have no specific gripe with Talancón herself. She has a delightful accent and though she’s just breaking into English-language films — Love in the Time of Cholera and Fast Food Nation among her credits so far — I’d be happy to see her in future works. However, her presence in One Missed Call created problems for me because her character’s name is Taylor Anthony. That’s a whitey-white whitegirl name if I’ve ever heard one, second only perhaps to Blanche Madison von Crackerhouse. Honestly, there’s no reason why somebody with a Mexican accent couldn’t be named Taylor Anthony, but I can’t help why the movie’s creators couldn’t have simply renamed her Taylor Acosta or even Taylor Acosta-Anthony, especially if the actress who plays the part does so without even trying to speak like a natural-born American. I’m actually quite happy that the film chose to cast a racially diverse group of actresses as the group of people being tormented by the demonic cell phones — Meagan Good (Brick) and Margaret Cho (gay-pandering stand-up) are among the potential corpses — but I feel like the movie should have at least acknowledged that the girl who looks and speaks like she might be Mexican actually is. After all, what would be so wrong with “Taylor Antonio”?

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