Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"I Just About Lost My Mind"

Why is there a hole in this man's boardshorts?

I normally wouldn't subject my readers to unnecessary gore, but if said chunks o' human accompany a decent story, even the bloodiest scenes are fair game. Friend, Nate relation, music video star and occasional Back of the Cereal Box commenter Tharpe-Tharpe hit some rough water during a recent vacation in Maui when her boyfriend was bitten by a shark. The incident made headlines in Maui papers. And it made for one hell of a blog entry on Tharpe-Tharpe's MySpace blog. Go look, if you're made of strong stuff, as the Tharpinator doesn't shy away from showing you people meat hanging out of its usual skin casing.

I'm morbidly fascinated.

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