Saturday, January 19, 2008

And She Probably Lives in Tahiti

For the love of God, somebody help me out.

All day today, I've had the chorus of a song stuck into my head. Only the music. No words. The most I could explain to anybody was that this chorus vaguely sounded like that awful Sting song, "Fields of Gold." After rolling it through my head enough times, I began to assemble words that my then-earworm-riddled brain began to think might be lyrics. "Whole," "wide," "world" — in that order. Hoping that the title might include this phrase, I looked it up on iTunes, and with some searching I've found that the song is in fact called "(I'd Go the) Whole Wide World." It was originally recorded my somebody named Wreckless Eric, who I'm sure I've never heard of before. Both The Monkees and The Proclaimers have released covers, as have a quite a few also-rans, but no version I've heard yet sounds quite like the version in my head. I can't find a single reason why I would have heard this song recently enough to have it stuck in my head. According to this blog, Will Ferrell plays "Whole Wide World" in Stranger Than Fiction in the scene in which his character learns how to play the guitar, but I saw that movie in theaters well over a year ago. (On that note, Wikipedia tells me that the song is frequently learned by beginning guitarists because it contains only two chords.)

So this is where you come in. Can you tell me if there's any recent thing — a movie? a trailer? a TV show? a commercial? — that features this song in such a way that it could have popped into my head today?

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