Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Karma Chameleon

The best of my Google Reader shared clips:
And thank George for this:

As always, you can always check out my public Google Reader page to see what's caught my attention recently. And here's a heads up link round-up to blogs that have recently started linking to Back of the Cereal Box:


  1. oh wow... that mii affair is classy. what incriminating evidence!


  2. Double shout out! I'm cyber-blushing.

    I'm from Barcelona is pretty cool if your whimsy tolerance is high enough; there's a song called "Treehouse" that features the frequently repeated line, "It's a you and me house."

  3. I'm so pleased that you know about the tree man. Given my love of all things freakish and weird, my mother-in-law shared it with me. My life is now complete.