Thursday, November 08, 2007

Inquiring Dinas Want to Know

Dina sent me the following picture in an email with the subject line "What is?" and no other text:

Well, Dina, my coworker Ben says the animals in the photo are badgers, if that's what you were asking. In case you were more interested in knowing why the image of this badger party had the file name "dooo," then that's a mystery that I can't solve. And, finally, if you were more interested in knowing why so many badgers had congregated in this unfortunate person's backyard and not just what they were, the answer is "badger orgy."

My question for you, dear Dina, is this: Where on earth did you find this photo to begin with?


  1. As with all my random internet acquisitions, I found it on Reddit. It was called Friendly Cat. Of course, considering the badger orgy about to commence, I'm guessing the cat is a little more than friendly ifyouknowwadimean.

    ps - I mean the cat's a slut.

  2. That's a vaguely threatening scene right there. I hope they belong to the owner of the backyard or something.

  3. Spencer points out that, because the badgers seem to have identical markings, it could be just one badger, photographed multiple times from a stationary camera.

    Just sayin.


    life imitates art

  5. Great though "Badger Badger Badger" may be, I'll always have a soft spot for "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo."