Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Names and Names

The five worst names in TV history are counted down at TV Squad: Milhouse van Houten (The Simpsons), Nascar racer Dick Trickle, Corky Thatcher (Life Goes On), Beaver Cleaver, and Boner Stabone (Growing Pains). A notable omission: Mama's Family's Naomi Oates, whose name kept her just one step above stripperhood. And since when are Nascar drivers TV characters?

Meanwhile, the Daily Dish ponders who has the manliest names, suggesting Magnus Magnusson, Dick Pound, Stirling Mortlock and Powers Boothe. My vote has to go to Jock Stirrup and Dick Armey.

And, topping it all off, Anthony Kiedis reminds us that celebrities are, in fact, different by naming his son Everly Bear. The first part is in honor of The Everly Brothers. The second part is in honor of he and his wife being crazy idiots.

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  1. Anonymous12:44 PM

    They should have included Milhouse’s second name: Mussolini. I’m wondering how people can give such awful names to their kids.

    My father has a friend who had a horrible name when he was young and other kids at school keep picking on it. So, he grew older, he asked my grandmother if there was a way to change his first name and she told him that he could have a court judge change it for his second name written on his birth certificate. That’s what he did when he reached is heighten year. Now, he has a very common name and he very happy about. That was another one of my numerous anecdotes.