Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fax Machine Anthems

Hannah: drew you are so super amazing. i liked the line about used to go new zealand, that one time we went, the most.
Hannah: i'm off to see the national! yay
me: did you receive the follow-up yet?
me: my addendum.
Hannah: no, my internet is weird here, so it doesn't refresh sometimes
me: it was about how somebody on the list i sent out is a murderer and you all should guess which one
Hannah: oh just got it. thanks a lot for outing me already!
me: oh, shit! you're a murderer too?
Hannah: um okay i'm getting scared
me: ah. i sort of know the national
Hannah: well if you were a williamsburg hipster you would so know the national and so be there tonight
me: well, it just so happens that i live in santa barbara and i'm going to see frank black of the pixies perform at soho tonight
Hannah: fuck you!
me: why fuck you?
Hannah: that actually just broke my heart a tiny bit, cuz i'm jealous and sad that i live so very far away from all the people and oceans i love. but i like it here
me: you mean you like murder

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