Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dr. T, Without the Women

Fuck Seussical and Robert Altman. I've just discovered that there exists The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T., a 1953 cinematic musical that is the only feature written by Dr. Seuss.

Bonus points: The film's villain, Dr. Terwilliker, is the namesake, however misspelled, for Simpsons villain "Sideshow" Bob Terwilliger.


  1. There's also a Monty Burns take-off on one of Dr T's best musical numbers "Do-Mi-Do Duds." Don't know the Simpsons episode #s by heart (sorry) so can't tell you which one.

    WV: gipeulum, which I think is a Seuss character

  2. By gosh, you're right.

    It's weird to me that the Mr. Burns song is a perfect hybrid of this song and the one from "Beauty and the Beast."

  3. Groening has said that a lot of the characters are named after streets in his old hometown of Portland, Oregon, which has a Terwilliger Boulevard. Of course, it could have been a combination of more than one thing, since "5000 Fingers" DOES seem like the kind of film Groening would have enjoyed.