Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Dandelion Who Could

Not too long ago, a pot on the back patio began growing sprouts. Not knowing what they were, I let them grow. Over time, the sprouts became healthy and full and I felt more than a little disappointed when they turned out to be ordinary dandelions. Last week, they grew their first flower — an obscenely tall thing that I can only assume grew as well as it did by virtue of it stealing nutrients from the other dandelions that never grew. It quickly exploded into a puff.

I wanted to take a photo of the puff in full puff-ness this morning, but I was late for work. When I came home, I saw that the majority of seeds had already blown away.


I took a picture anyway, because it seemed important. Puff or no puff, that's one damn tall dandelion.

Let her be an inspiration to us all.

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