Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cherry Gardens Feel Like Ice

I have a file case in which I keep important documents. One folder, however, holds only strange pieces of paper and random images that I cannot bear to throw away, for whatever reason. Today, I went through this folder and scanned a few that I thought were particularly strange, appealing or both.

This is a detail from handmade, Alymade wrapping paper that contained my Christmas present last year.

Jumping kangaroos from an illustration I think Spencer gave me, though I can't remember why.

A mouse-shaped gas mask, which I think came from an Adbusters calendar.

No clue where this came from. I'm fairly certain those are my eyes, but I can't remember when or why I would have done this, much less printed it out.

A greeting card Taryn gave me that to this day is one of the better presents I've ever received, Far Side rip-off or not.

An old in-class doodle, from Detective Fiction, judging by the notes I'd written around it.

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