Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Sound of a Potato Hitting the Floor

Given how mainstream YouTube has grown and how many people now submit content to it, I suppose it was only a matter of time before somebody I know ended up being featured in some kind of YouTube meme. There's a new Kelly video out — the third, as far as I know. Like "Text Message Breakup," the second video, this new one features Megan — Nate's Cousin Megan, not Megan H., London Megan, Meg Ryan, Nexus Meghan or Old Roommate Meghan, damn our generation anyway — although her role this time is more of a blink-and-miss-it cameo than anything.

For some reason, the thought that Megan — or any Megan, for that matter — has appeared in a Kelly video weirds me out, possibly as a result of the sheer number of people who can see her for free on their personal computer, or possibly because I haven't ever decided whether Kelly amused me or creeps me out. They are funny, I guess, but there's this darkness to them that gets to me, especially toward the end of a given video. Perhaps is the oddness of having someone I know make a "cameo" — or, appear as a background extra, if you want to get technical — and then have a full-on celebrity like Margaret Cho also show up. Why that's weird, I don't know, but its is.

In any case, Megan blogged about being in "Let Me Borrow That Top," which also features Jill Ritchie, unless I'm mistaken. She's in the yellow shirt, yelling at a football player.

she's not the one with the trumpet, in case you're confused

And here's "Text Message Break-Up," where you can see Megan carousing with Star Wars Storm Troopers.

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  1. HOLY CRAPSICLES!! It seems that I owe you a cookie my friend. ;)
    ps. thanks for getting a still picture of that shot for me!