Friday, September 07, 2007

Mr. Suit

My friend and former Nexus co-worker Danny Lewis — of Brenna and Danny fame — has been lauded on New York fashion blog The Sartorialist for his ability to measure his own suits. There's a picture. He's wearing a suit.

I suppose being stopped on the street and recognized for excellence in your field is a triumph, but Danny also had to endure some of the odder "compliments" I've ever heard in the form of comments on the post.
Forget Spider Man. Tape Measure Man has got to be the top superhero of the day!

Very nice self measuring indeed! I'm not a huge fan of the besom pocket on the diagonal but a chaque'un son goût as they say. The shirt certainly merits attention, the collar fits his little neck perfectly and it's neither too spread nor too pointed. Nice look overall, kind of makes me want to dress up again. (From misterparticular)

Hello Danny, I want to see your documentary. Love, your favorite third grade teacher.

he looks like harry potter

Physician heal thyself? No, actually, this is nice, the extremely slim trousers and the somewhat "hiked-up" jacket--a result of his body position?--aside.

Hey, I'm a young man who makes his own shirts, why don't you take my photo!!!

that's my nephew! he's real cute... suit or no suit!

He looks tiny. How cute!

excellent suit. he has to be irish. (From herringbonekid)

Hey Sart, have you seen Quadrophenia? This guy is totally like something out of that movie. You've got to check it out.

He looks like a hot/sexy Peter Pan. I agree; Tape Measure Man is the new Superhero. I want him to come to my town and save the day. Or at least my wardrobe.
Quadrophenia, Peter Pan, Spider-Man and Harry Potter references aside, fame is fame. Good job, Danny.

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  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    he looks much like glenn quinn, who was on roseanne and angel. i think he's dead now. you know, glenn quinn?