Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Girls With the Cellophane Chests

Bri has posted a list of children's names she's encountered while substitute teaching. Given my love of names, I asked permission to post it here. She responded with some pretty inappropriate things, so I just went ahead and posted it anyway.
  • Nallely (pron: "Nye-el-ey")
  • Xiomara (I've heard this before, but only on Top Model)
  • Rennwick (as a first name)
  • Marvel (accent on the "el")
  • CeMone (pron: "Si-mone")
  • Champayne
  • TaKia
  • Daylon
  • Noe (pron: "No-way" As in: "No-way would your parents do that to you!")
  • Atibere (pron: "At-ah-berry")
  • Justyce
  • Lexus (Again, seen it before, but only on strippers)
  • D'zha (pron: "Dee-zhay" As in: How a particularly snotty Frenchman would pronounce "DJ")
  • Shayland
  • Deaze (pron: "Dee-ah-zhay" No relation to D'zha)
  • Estefany (As in: parents were big Gloria fans in the early 90s)
  • D'Andre (pron: "Dee-ahn-dre" Heard it before, but never seen it spelt this way)
  • Shaquille (As in: "You poor, poor boy.")
  • Tashara
  • Jecci (pron: "Jess-ey" As in: "Your parents thought they were super clever, huh?")
  • Brittonya (As in: Brittany + Tonya = A Travesty)
  • Lindsretha (As in: Lindsay + Aretha = A Greater Travesty)
The parenthetical explanations are Bri's, not mine.


  1. selections from my class lists:

    Oyuntulkh (last name: Enkhtsetseg)
    Ngoc (actually this is pretty common)

  2. Noe really read "No-way"? That's so funny.