Thursday, August 23, 2007

On Vaginoplasty

Tooling around on the Independent website today, I noted once again what a web traffic draw Starshine's column on vaginoplasty is.

Please understand, I didn't put this particular column up online. Aly did. And when she did, she chose a particularly sensual photo of an orchid that I took as the piece's lead image. As a result, someone can Google "drew mxxxxx vaginoplasty" and get not one but multiple hits. Isn't that swell? (I can only imagine that Aly planned this.)

Two conclusions resulted from this:

One: It also occurred to me that if I just changed my bylines to Vaginoplasty Mxxxxx, I'd exponentially increase the amount of people who see my work.

And two: "Vaginoplasty," to me, is an inherently funny word. As an added bonus, it becomes funnier — probably in the same proportion as Vaginoplasty Mxxxxx's readership would rise — when you add an adjective in front of it. Try it.

Accidental vaginoplasty.

Exceptional vaginoplasty.

Standard vaginoplasty.

Uninspired vaginoplasty.

Uneven vaginoplasty.

Partial vaginoplasty.

Humorous vaginoplasty.

Outdoor vaginoplasty.

Undesirable vaginoplasty.

Discounted vaginoplasty.

Romanian vaginoplasty.

Infamous vaginoplasty.

Surprising vaginoplasty.

Ethical vaginoplasty.

Confounding vaginoplasty.

Stern vaginoplasty.

Alien vaginoplasty.

Free-wheeling vaginoplasty.

Backwards vaginoplasty.

Upside-down vaginoplasty.

Marvelous, marvelous vaginoplasty.

Uncanny vaginoplasty.

Inhuman vaginoplasty.

Destined vaginoplasty.

Praiseworthy vaginoplasty.

(Sometimes I think I do my best work when I'm waiting for other people to do theirs.)


  1. "Vaginoplasty Mackie" sounds like the name of a shady plastic surgeon from a spaghetti western.

    I'll bet he's on the run from the law, too, selling illegal vaginoplasties from his wooden gypsy wagon to a huddled crowd of settlers' wives.

    Step right up, step right up.

  2. how did u add to your ''orchid_drew'' photo on this page?(

  3. I am the news and web editor at the paper. Another editor posted this particular piece, but, needing some photo and not being able to post anything directly representative to the article, she chose one of my orchids, which she had seen on my Flickr account.

  4. Do you think that, your name edited with the photo has an effect on the website( to be good indexing on google.(search term:vaginoplasty and you are in first page)

  5. Oh, I really have no idea. Probably not.

  6. Interesting humorous approach to vaginoplasty surgeries , not sure about the alien Vaginoplasty though lol.